Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ubuntu Linux is not suitable for you if...

This write up is a response to the 14th comment on a post I made on Jan 28. I thought my reply should actually be shared with you in case you are also thinking along the same lines like him (or her??). I am actually going to assume that Mr. Anonymous is using Ubuntu but actually needs a check list to evaluate whether it is the right OS for him and if Open Source in general is good for him. So here goes

Ubuntu Linux is not suitable for you if
  • You cannot understand the simple differences between the two main software development models called Open Source and closed source or proprietary.
  • You expect to see the yellow, green, blue and purple ( is it purple???) colors made into flag when you boot Ubuntu.
  • You find it difficult to shed your 1997 notion of a typical Linux OS: command line and again CLI driven.
  •  You are comfortable with a 5 minute and beyond boot time on other OSs.
  • You do not mind hunting the length and breadth of the internet looking for drivers, the original CD of which you cannot find.
  • You find it annoying when all your hardware is easily configured upon any install of Ubuntu
  • You are comfortable using harsh language when engaging with a group of people. In other words, you lack any semblance of courtesy when talking, or even posting comments on posts that you disagree with.
  • You expect Dell to ship 1 million Ubuntu powered computers everyday before you know the Ubuntu OEM deals are a small step forward.
  • You perceive people not agreeing with your point of view all the time as not accepting your differences.
  • Your definition of a community run project is that every single suggestion or request you make should be taken and acted upon as if it were a holy writ, though you likely do not pay anyone for anything.
  • You actually do not know that most peripheral manufacturers 'cook' their gizmos with a certain OS as the base and the folks that bring us Ubuntu and it's cousins have to do lots of work to get those things to work if the manufacturer is oblivious of the L alternative.
  • You are too lazy to actually learn that Ubuntu has what is called software sources and that to get the latest and shiniest release of any app, all you need to do is to choose the right source.
  • You are averse to a centralized place where you can get over 2000 applications for free, all of which are 100% safe and reliable.
  • You prefer scouring the length and breadth of the internet looking for apps to run that have the potential of opening a back door into your system.
  • You are somehow racist.
  • You think all Ubuntu users are dogmatists that only care about the means to achieve an end and not the end itself.
  • You have the mistaken notion that Ghabuntu is a blind, boot licking Ubuntu propaganda blog.
  • You actually do not like reading simple notices like those that tell you that there are CLOSED SOURCE drivers available for peripheral X or Y and that you can install them if you do desire.
  • You actually do not want to bother looking up the definition of the word freedom in either Wikipedia or even Google Define.
This list could carry on for the whole night. But I will leave it here and here what others will add to the Ubuntu user checklist. So please check the comments section and either add your own checklist or see what others are adding.

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