Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 things that make Drupal different from all the other CMSs.

There are lots of content management systems out there. Most of which are open source and normally get the job done. However, Drupal stands out amongst them for a host of reasons, five of which are
All the open source CMS out there have user communities that help out each other. However, the Drupal community out there is second to none. It is helpful to users of all levels from the complete noob to the most advanced. Once you have a question and ask it right and politely, you are sure to get an answer.
You can call them extensions, addons or any other name. Drupal calls it modules, and there is a module for almost anything you can think of. The extent to which you can customize your Drupal site is actually limited by your imagination rather than a lack of modules. In fact, for any task you can think of, there is a module for that.
Drupal is very easy to use even if you don't know anything about web design. It was built with all user levels in mind and makes getting used to it very easy.
Third party services
Other than the Drupal world, there is also a cool third party ecosystem that has sprung up to add value to your use of Drupal. Artisteer, Drupalzilla and Drupalmodules are all examples of third party services you can make use of.
Code base
Drupal is built on solid code that is updated regularly and is open source, available for download. The quality of the Drupal code is attested by the stability and reliability that you get out of the box with every Drupal installation.

These are just a gist of the many reasons why Drupal is so unique and different from the others. If you are thinking of deploying a CMS for any project, I seriously recommend you give Drupal a try, you will be glad you did. 

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