Sunday, February 14, 2010

5 Linux features I miss when on Windows.

In as much as I would love not to, I still use Windows very much in my day to day life. However, being someone who also uses Linux, there are 5 things I really miss when I am behind a Windows machine. 

Always on top
The ability to keep any window on top of all the others at any given time is a blessing Linux that I am yet to see on Windows. It comes in really handy when you need to have more than one window visible to get things done or when you want to be working but have VLC lurking on the lower part of the screen.

On Linux, I am alerted, depending on my settings, that XYZ updates are available and given a choice as to which ones to download and install. Windows actually downloads the updates, then keeps on nagging you to restart in order for the update installation to be complete. I really don't have any problem with the auto download of updates, though it would be nice to see what has been downloaded. My problem is why the heck does Windows have to keep nagging me to restart so as to complete the updates, even when I am in the middle of something? I really miss Linux in that respect.

Multiple desktops
On a typical day, I have about 6 worksheets open, with Google Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, and some other folders open. On Linux, in order not to clutter my desktop, I just move some of he open windows to another desktop and all is well with the world. Windows? Well I do not know of any such function.

Reboot, Reboot and reboot
Again, lots of applications I install tell me to reboot before the installation will be complete. If I make an installation of 5 such programs, it means for 5 times I have to reboot my system. Linux? Sudo-apt get install XYZ and bam, its done.

At times when I want to wonder into my own decompression chamber, all I do is to play around with Compiz on Linux. Seeing my windows wobble and do some cool stuff helps me get my head in shape. I really miss that functionality on Windows, at least on XP (not yet moved to 7).

There are lots of things that as a Linux user, you are likely to miss on Windows, these are some of mine. Lets here what's yours.

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