Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 Linux distros I normally recommend to newbies.

If you have friends or colleagues who you would like to have try the Linux OS, an important decision would be the distro you choose. There are over 500 out there and whatever distro you choose will be a great factor in shaping your friends view of Linux. The following 5 Linux distros are my personal favorites when it comes with giving people a feel of what Linux is and is not.

I use this distro to flex those of my colleagues and friends who are knowledgeable in IT. I just boot into it via the USB, remove it and let them mess around with it as much as they can. Most of them end up requesting for a copy of the OS. The sheer fact that you can run the full OS with all the basic stuff intact from the RAM is itself a big plus. There are a dozen others like Puppy that do same, you can grab any of them.

For the hommies who don't give a hoot about details, this is what I recommend. A full fledged modern, pleasant looking OS that does all things great straight from the box (won't use out of the box again). 

For those of my friends that are wondering what Google Chrome OS will be like, Browser Linux is what I recommend. Boot into it and all you have is a browser. A taste of what is to come with Google Chrome OS. Also for anyone who lives in the cloud.

If your friends are into multimedia production, then you 64 Studio is your best bet. This Debian/Ubuntu based distro is aimed at the video/audio recording and editing market and oh, have a GNU/Linux day.

This distro, also based on Ubuntu, comes prepackaged with XMBC "providing a complete packaged media center software suite for personal computers." For the home multimedia centric, this is what I normally think of.

There are hundreds more besides these that I've listed. But generally, these are the ones that come to mind when I talk about Linux with friends and colleagues. Lots more do come, but these are my five personal favorite. I'd very much like to know yours.

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