Friday, January 29, 2010

The iPad from Apple? No thanks!

I woke up this morning seriously disoriented. It actually took me almost half a minute to realize I was still living on planet Earth and that I still had blood flowing in me. Why you ask?

Because after the massive publicity that the iPad (sorry ladies, blame Apple for the name) received, I thought there would be no life after the hour and half long launch event by Steve Jobs yesterday. To say I was overwhelmingly disappointed will be an understatement. Not a single thing about the chopping board-like gizmo impressed me.

Thinking I was alone in my opinion, I hoped over to Twitter to see what others were saying and lo, iTampon was rather a trending topic instead of the iPad. As to why the Apple development team chose such a dumb name, I cannot tell. But for me, I do not long for the iPad (and Apple to a larger extent) for the following reasons.

Solution looking for a problem
I don't know to which use you would put the iTampon, but I cannot find any need of mine that it would satisfy. I already carry my two devices with me that help me get things done; my phone and my lappy. There is nothing else I need.  I have never even been a fan of netbooks that are actually multitasking, let alone a sleek looking chopping board that is nice only for doing nothing. The latest gizmo as far as I know is just another Apple solution looking for a problem.

The iPad is simply defective by both design and form. Forget the hassle of trying to type on a *virtual* keyboard, I would never want to spend a dime on a machine that cannot multitask in this day and age. I also would not want a slab full of restricted software. Apple is a company that has grown to be a beacon of restriction for both developers and users alike. I would not want anything to do with another prison shrink wrapped in a shinny slab.

$499? No thanks!
Well that money might mean snacks to you, but it sure means a great deal to me. I cannot for the life of me spend that money on a beautiful looking piece of slab that cannot even do most things I can do with my simple phone. $499 is way too much money for something as trivial as the iTampon. Mr. Jobs however, will actually make lots of money given his track record. He's the man that got the world to go crazy for a simple MP3 player.

iPad= lack of innovation
It does not multitask, no Flash, full of DRM, same old iPhone OS and what can you add? I am yet to see a simple bit of innovation in the latest Apple toy. It is only a means to get more people to spend even more money on even more Apple digital products. Simple as that.

Apple sure has got the shiniest and good looking hardware and software out there, but none of those entices me to use their products. I want innovation, consumer freedom, usefulness and value for money, not trivialities and eye popping products at monstrous prices. Ok. Enough about my rants over #Apple, time to hear what you think of them and the latest iPad, oops, I mean iTampon.

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