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Friday, May 1, 2009

Write for Us!

Do you like what you read on Ghabuntu? Are you a Free and Open Source Software supporter and user? Would you like to reach a targeted audience from across the world? Then consider writing for us! Yes! Be an associate writer for Ghabuntu. Simply contact us if you are interested and let's take it from there.

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The Team

We currently have a team of 2 writers made up of 

Alex as he's affectionately called, is the Senior Editor of Ghabuntu. He lives in south America and has vast expertise in the area of technology in general and open source in particular. He specializes in deploying open source software in educational setups. 

Luqman is a Ghanaian and founder of Ghabuntu. He currently writes part-time for this blog as well as being a Finance student in one of Ghana's public universities. 

Sharing is Caring:
By Seraaj Muneer with No comments
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