Thursday, December 10, 2009

An interesting look at the Linux CLI-GUI debate once more.

Being a non native English speaker means sometimes the only way I can really articulate my thoughts to you is to search for an article that was written by someone who read my mind. Thus this article on on the forever old CLI vrs GUI debate is a perfect piece about my views on this issue.

I believe both have a role to play in helping an end user make the most of their system. I don't however, believe a person's inability to use the CLI actually makes them dumb. Neither do I believe that you'd be diminishing your status by using point and click to get things done for the sheer reason that you're a CLI guru. If Linux is actually going to go anywhere in the future, the sometimes fundamental stance people take on the issue of CLI vrs GUI ought to be discouraged.

Whether you agree or not, there will always be people that cannot and will not learn how to use the CLI, should those people be left out of using Linux? I am an unflinching supporter and user of Ubuntu because it is really a trail blazer when it comes to the issue of accommodating the needs of both geeks and non-geeks alike, though some hardcore geeks still shun Ubuntu like the plague because it makes room for non-geeks.

Linux is up against Windows and to a lesser extent Mac OSX. The more intuitive the various Linux distros become, the better their chances of survival against the well established competition. All of us want to see more people use Linux, but where are those people going to come from? Of course from the Windows platform. If the marriage between the CLI and GUI is harmonious on Windows, then Linux would be better off following suite.

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