Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ad blocking extensions - Any threat to Google revenue?

Google Chrome the browser extension is now live though in beta with some 300 or so extensions available. This follows in the heels of the beta release of Chrome the browser for Mac OSX 10.5 or later and Linux. One of the notable extensions that people will actually be using is ad blocking extensions. What I am actually wondering is how Google's revenue is going to be impacted (if at all) by ad blocking extensions like Adsweep and adThwart.

It really looks ironic to have a Google browser that has some extension which does not show ads, considering the fact that Google is the biggest ad company in the world. I actually have no doubt in my mind that Google already looses quite a lot of money thanks to the legendary Ad Block Plus on Firefox. I am also wondering what kind of relationship Google is going to have with ad blocking extension developers for the Chrome browser.

Knowing how popular ad blocking extensions are on Firefox, will Google's revenue be impacted when such popularity is repeated with the Chrome extensions? I know Google is quite bigger than these hypothetical threats to it revenue, but then what happens when it becomes mainstream knowledge that there are extensions that can actually block ads from your browser? What happens to its revenue when using an ad blocking extension becomes almost a must for users?

It is too early to tell and Google is a company that can hardly be predicted. However, I would be grateful if you also share your views with me on whether you think ad blocking extensions, especially on its own browser, are a threat to the revenue of big G. I know Chrome has less than fifty million users, but hey, that could change with the advent of the much hyped Google ChromeOS.

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