Monday, November 16, 2009

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx- Separate home partition by default.

The next release of  the ever popular Ubuntu Linux, code named Lucid Lynx, is set to be in April 2010. This release is going to be an LTS and thus with it we hope to see even more stability and greater features than the current Karmic Koala.

There is however, one feature that I really want the developers to give careful consideration to during the development process of the Lucid Lynx. In all the Ubuntu releases that have come out, the default installation has the home folder on the same drive as the system files. This makes the task of upgrading to a new release or doing a reinstall very cumbersome.

What I think would be in the best interest of Ubuntu and for that matter its users is for the standard installation to have a separate partition for the home folder. So if one chooses to go with the default installation as most people do, the home folder should automatically be created on a separate partition on the hard drive with the system files on another.

Doing this will help safeguard the data of users, especially newbies should something go wrong such that they have no option than to wipe their hard drives clean. I also think it will help people learn more about their systems as they know their data is not directly at risk.

The issue of always having to backup one's system can sometimes be a real pain especially where you have a very large amount of data. I think this simple but generally overlooked feature should really be given serious thought during the upcoming Ubuntu Development Summit for Lucid Lynx.

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