Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye Twitter - You are no more human.

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. The buzz word of the social media. This nice platform was created basically to enable people share their status updates, talk about the latest hot topic in town and just about keep in touch with friends in 140 characters or less. This was all human and made it very fun and interesting to use Twitter. You knew that the other person was either behind his computer or on his phone and that a human was replying to and reading your Tweets as you are doing theirs.

Then you had other ecosystems that developed around this platform. Services that people use to schedule Tweets for a range of time periods. And suddenly virtually everybody now schedules their Tweets. What  baffles me is that if people are scheduling their Tweets, then who will read the Tweets.

Frankly, I may be confused about this whole Twitter fever, but my experience lately with it has not been that enjoyable. You are just bombarded by senseless advertising Tweets every millisecond you login into your account. All you see is how to do such and such, or how such and such product is a must have with some links in them. The whole platform is now a massive advertising show ground where the cacophony of spam is deafening. Twitter has simply lost the human touch.

The public timeline of Twitter just tells you the kind of mostly nonsensical rubbish you would encounter on this SM. There simply is no human touch in the way the thing is anymore. Its just is one platform where aggressive advertisers have taken advantage of its popularity to bombard us with their mostly crapware. I know there are those of you that enjoy yourselves so much on this platform. But for me, I think I am quiting and sticking with my friendfeed. Twitter is just too nonsensical and spamy for my liking.

Maybe if things get better and the creators of Twitter start to seriously tackle the issue of spam and nonsensical tweets, then maybe the human touch will be restored and I may have a change of perception about Twitter. Whats been your experience so far with Twitter? Do you think my observation is unique and that I am the exception to the rule? Please share your thoughts with me.

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