Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 things that make Ubuntu Linux the most promising Linux distro in the world.

Ubuntu Linux is, without doubt, poised to be the Windows of the Linux world in the future. Giving the aggressive moves being undertaken by Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, I have no doubt that Ubuntu is sure to become the flagship OS of the Linux world. The following 5 points should help clarify my view.

The philosophies that underlie Ubuntu are very noble tenets that virtually everybody would love to align themselves to. This makes it's usage more appealing to lots of people from divergent cultures and belief systems.

Ease of use.
There are those that will disagree with this point. However, relatively speaking, it is the most easy to use Linux distro out there. It's appeal to lots of new users attests to this fact. This makes it more and more appealing to prospective users and thus further future popularity.

Rate of growth.
Ubuntu is, without doubt, the fastest growing Linux distro out there. The future of any OS depends largely on its current growth rate, Ubuntu passes this litmus test with flying colors.

User base
Ubuntu has one of the largest, if not the largest user base of any Linux distro out there. And by user base, I mean users that are deeply attached to the OS. Users that deeply love and staunchly publicize their OS with more coming on board everyday. Such users can only move the distro to higher heights.

Market Expansion
Given the recent spate of expansion of the ecosystem surrounding Ubuntu- from Ubuntu One, Ubuntu Cloud, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu -Dell partnership among others- there is no gainsaying  that Ubuntu is sure to be the Linux distro of choice in the future for both individuals and corporate customers.

For these five and possibly more other reasons, i strongly believe that Ubuntu stands among the lot as the most promising OS in the Linux world.

What do you think? Do you agree about Ubuntu's future position as the market leader in the Linux distro world? Share your thoughts.

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