Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 things Microsoft Windows users do not know about Ubuntu Linux and its users.

In a recent post titled "5 Things Microsoft does not want you to know about Windows," I gave 5 very simple and yet powerful points that Microsoft would prefer Windows users not knowing. Most Windows users had to admit that the points were very reflective of the reality on the ground.

Today, I intend publishing a sequel to that post about 5 very basic truths that Windows users do not know about Ubuntu Linux. These points are equally applicable to most other wonderful Linux distros out there and their users. My choosing Ubuntu for this post is just out of personal preference.

Fact 1
The users of Ubuntu are to a certain extent, the owners of the OS. Everyone can participate in the development of the OS irrespective of their technical skills. They determine what goes into the development of the OS and have a lot of say in the kind of functions that the OS comes out with. They can choose to overwhelmingly reject something and the developers would have no choice than to obey. I doubt if Windows users can boast of this level of ownership and control over Windows.

Fact 2
Ubuntu users have the right to distribute the OS to as many people as they like without fear of attracting a lawsuit from Canonical or anyone for that matter. They can do as many reinstalls as they wish and on as many computers as they like. If you want to know the benefit of such freedom, ask businesses about the cost of deploying Windows on their systems. Say that about Windows!

Fact 3
Ubuntu users have one of the best support communities on the planet. If you have any problem and need help, all you have to do is just log on to the Ubuntu Forums, search and see if someone has a thread similar to your problem and if not, just start another one and in most cases, it takes only some few minutes to have someone reply to your thread with as much support as you can get. The Ubuntu Forums also has some downsides though but is mostly very helpful to everyday users. Well I cannot say for certain if Windows users have a support community as vibrant as what Ubuntu users enjoy.

Fact 4
Ubuntu users, relative to Windows users, do not wait for eternity to have patches to critical security flaws that are discovered in their system. Most at times it takes just hours to have an update to security flaws that are discovered. Say that about Windows updates and patches.

Fact 5
Ubuntu Linux users can alter their OS or recreate another OS from its code. This is because the code is available to them to use as they want. You don't like the way Ubuntu runs or works? Grab the code (if you have the requisite skills), and make your know flavor of Ubuntu Linux, bearing in mind patented and copyrighted names, logos and other Canonical closed source inputs. Its free to do. Windows? Well the code is under lock and key. Period.

There are potentially hundreds of other points that can be made but I will restrict myself to these five and leave you to give the rest in the comments. If you are a Windows users, I would love to hear your views on these simple and very powerful things you do not know about Ubuntu and its users. Talk back!

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